ATM Branding In Atlantic City

Atlantic City, New Jersey is known for its boardwalk, hotels, casinos, nightlife, and beaches. This South Jersey city is full of businesses, residents, and plenty of tourists ready to spend money on vacation! With so much competition around, it is important to set yourself a part from the rest as a business owner.

If you don’t already have an ATM in your place of business in Atlantic City, you are missing out on a huge source of extra revenue for your business. ATMs attract extra foot traffic into your place of business, and encourage customers to spend the cash they take out, at your business. With Maritech ATM, you get to set and keep 100% of your surcharge profits.

When you get your ATM, proper branding is important for maximizing the profitability of your ATM in Atlantic City, NJ. Maritech ATM has several resources to help you brand your ATM so that customers and foot traffic know that you have an ATM available for them to conveniently use.

Branding options:

Custom Branded Wraps for ATMs in Atlantic City

Have your ATM wrapped so that it looks attractive and matches your location. Maritech can have your ATM wrapped to match your store colors, or with your store name on it. This will make it more appealing to your customers, and will also draw in foot traffic to utilize your ATM in Atlantic City, NJ.

Custom ATM Topper in Atlantic City

To make your ATM grab even more attention, add on a custom topper to your ATM in Atlantic City. Custom toppers may simply be a light-up “ATM” sign, or be customized to fit your wishes. This will make it easier for customers to see that you have an ATM, and will attract additional foot traffic to come in and use your machine.

Custom Welcome Screen

When a customer goes to utilize your ATM, why not welcome them with a message from your Atlantic City business? This is an excellent way to encourage ATM users to spend their money in your establishment, rather then just walking out with their cash. Or, Maritech can help you sell this space on your ATM as advertising space, increasing the profitability of your machine. The custom branding options at Maritech ATM in Atlantic City are endless!

The custom branding experts at Maritech ATM will develop a beautiful custom branded ATM in Atlantic City to meet your specific desires. Maximize the profit potential on your ATM with our custom branding options. Contact Maritech ATM today if you are interested in purchasing an ATM in Atlantic City, or in any of our custom branding options.