The Ultimate Event Checklist

Professional event planners might make it look easy, but the truth is, planning a gathering of any size – especially a large event – takes a serious amount of time, effort, determination and energy. From negotiating with the catering company for a decent price to finalizing last-minute details in terms of seating arrangements, there is a lot to consider and plan for, long before the big day even arrives. Feeling stressed at the mere thought of all this preparation? Don’t sweat it – just take a deep breath and consult this checklist:

The Ultimate Event Checklist

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Establish a budget.

Before you can even think about going any further with your planning, draw up a budget for everything you will need to make the event happen – seriously, everything. The key here is making this a realistic list of the things you will have to spend money on. Outlining all of the essentials you will need for the occasion (and even the things that are on your “wish list”) is a great way to tackle this. Once the list is in order, figure out how much you are willing to spend on each item, and prioritize accordingly.

Manage the guest list.

It’s important to figure out how many guests you’re inviting, since that will directly affect other things you need to plan for – like how many tables, how much food and how big of a space you’ll need to accommodate for. Since you’ll be hosting a large event, it’s a no-brainer that the guest list will be long – which means that there will be a few more steps added to the process. After writing up and finalizing the list, order invitations and send them out (usually six weeks before the event is recommended). Gathering the RSVP’s and adjusting the list may take a little more effort than needed, so be tolerant.  

Score the perfect venue.

Since it’s impossible to host a party without a place to go, it’s crucial to start your venue search as soon as you know how many people will be attending the event – or at least when you have a decent estimate. Falling in love and picking the ideal space will happen with patience and perseverance. But once you do find it, be sure to dot all the I’s and cross all your t’s. Signing any contracts, going over all the rules and following up with whoever is in charge of the venue are mandatory things you must do to ensure it will remain yours.   

Rent an ATM.

Be honest with yourself: It’s rare that anyone carries cash with them anymore, which will definitely be an issue when it comes time for you guests to do things like tip the bartender and valet service (especially since most service companies only accept cash). If your event doesn’t offer a valet service or designated lot, they’ll likely need to feed bills or coins into a meter space where their car is parked. Therefore, it’s important to invest in a reliable ATM rental to keep at the event – your guests will thank you later. Even more of a reason to rent one? A variety of studies prove that ATMs encourage a higher amount of spending during each transaction…which means there’s a good chance you will have no problem covering any remaining fees for alcohol services that carry over.

Contact and hire vendors.

Even if you don’t have the connections of an established event planner, making arrangements with the appropriate companies and services you will need isn’t as time-consuming as it seems. In fact, a large part of this chunk of planning time may consist of these businesses simply trying to persuade you to choose them for your event. Although it will differ with each event type, vendors that you should consider making appointments with include catering companies, bartending services, table and chair rentals, performers and valets.

 Decorate the space.

Last but not least, decorate the venue where your event will take place. This is the time to figure out themes, color schemes, types of décor, and how much (or how little) of the space you want to decorate. The rearrangement of table and chairs, podiums, the ATM rental and any other additional pieces of furniture should take place during this phase of planning. It’s always beneficial to have an extra set of eyes check out your decorating job to make sure it looks as good as you intended.

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