ATM Installation

Maritech ATM is the trusted provider of ATMs in New Jersey. Owners of Maritech, Frank and Kevin, bring years of experience in investment banking, shipping, and a variety of other industries to deliver the best service in the area. With an unmatched commitment to delivering ATM installation, ATM branding, and cash vaulting, it is no wonder that customers of Maritech ATM are always satisfied.

Automatic Teller Machine Installation

Maritech has a wide variety of ATM products to meet the needs of virtually anyone looking to expand their business with an ATM. The installation of an ATM at your location is an excellent way to increase profits, attract new customers, and to promote cash purchases over credit. All of the machines at Maritech allow owners to set a surcharge amount. This surcharge is the fee that customers will pay for using the convenience of your machine. ATM owners always set, and keep, 100% of the surcharge amount, meaning extra money in your pocket each month! Many Maritech customers are able to pay off their machine in less than 6 months off of surcharge profits alone.

Studies show that stores with ATMs tend to attract more foot traffic. After the installation of your ATM, expect to see more people coming into your place of business to use your machine. This also means you can expect those customers using the cash they took out to make a purchase at your business. Having an ATM installed will also encourage cash purchases. As a business owner, you know all too well how hefty those credit card fees can get; therefore cash purchases mean more money in your pocket.

Buy an ATM

Upon deciding on the right ATM model to meet the needs and style of your business, one of Maritech’s expert ATM technicians will come to you to deliver and install your machine. The only thing required of you will be finding the floor space to place your machine and a power line to hook it up to. Maritech will happily take care of everything else to make sure your equipment is properly installed and protected. Our installation team will teach you how to use your new ATM. You will also be advised on how to optimize your machine so that customers use it. This can be done through custom advertising and branding.

ATM Sales

Maritech ATM has years of experience in selling, installing, and servicing ATMs. Contact us today if you are interested in any of our machines. Call us at 1-855- MARITECH, or fill out a contact form. Our technicians are awaiting your call and are ready to answer any questions you may have about the ATM installation process in New Jersey.