ATM Rentals for the Jersey City, NJ, Area

As a business owner, you know that cash is king. Instead of having a substantial portion of your hard-earned money going toward pricey credit card transaction fees, encourage cash spending at your business, event, or venue!

Numerous studies have shown that ATMs are an excellent way to attract new business and to encourage higher amounts of spending during each transaction. Many of our customers have been able to pay off their ATM within a few months off of surcharge fees alone. Not ready to invest in a machine yet, or do you need an ATM for a shorter time period? Consider renting an ATM from Maritech ATM!

With an ATM Rental from Maritech ATM, you can reap the benefits of having an ATM on your premises, without the commitment or maintenance of owning an ATM. This is extremely popular among our clients with pop-up shops, those hosting events, seasonal shops, music concerts, or any other short-term need.

Your customers will appreciate quick and convenient access to cash, while you will get to set and keep 100% of the surcharge on your machine. Maritech ATM makes the entire rental process easy for our valued customers. Decide you like your ATM too much to give it up? Your fees paid will be applied to the purchase of your ATM, courtesy of Maritech.

For all of your ATM rental needs, look no further than the experts at Maritech ATM. Check out our wide selection of ATMS to determine which will best meet your needs for your rental period. Feel free to call us at 1-855-MARITECH to talk with one of our experts on the best ATM rental option to meet your needs. We look forward to working with you!