ATM Sales for the Jersey City, NJ, Area

Maritech ATM is one of the most trusted names in ATM sales in New Jersey. We are a full-service ATM supplier, offering turnkey solutions for your business to begin to see additional profits each month, starting right from month one! Our selection of new and used ATMs offers our clients top of the line machines from leading manufacturers like Hyosung, Genmega, and Triton. Purchasing an ATM from Maritech ATM means that you’ll still receive the same industry-leading support from our team, but your business will retain 100% of surcharge fees.

Our number one goal at Maritech ATM is to provide our clients with top of the line customer support and satisfaction. Clients in New Jersey are able to benefit from services like ATM processing, ATM repairs, ATM support, custom branding advertisements, and our ATM supply chain. Our team is here to guide you throughout the process of choosing a location in your business, choosing the best machine for the volume, setting up your machine securely and reliably, and providing your business and staff with the proper training on how to operate and service the machine when minor issues arise. In addition to support services for your ATM, Maritech ATM can also provide cash vaulting services to your business; to assure that you’re ATM is never low on funds. Our cash vaulting in New Jersey offers competitive interest rates, and is fully insurance by our private business insurance, so you don’t ever have to worry about any “what if’s.”

Maritech ATM sales in New Jersey are on the rise, as more and more locations realize how effective an ATM can be at producing additional revenue for a business. Whether it’s a seasonal bar at the Jersey Shore, a weekend music festival, summer carnival, upscale lounge, or family owned convenience store, our line of ATMs have produced major results for our clients whether they lease or buy through Maritech ATM.

Learn more about how a Maritech ATM can help your New Jersey business see more green on the bottom line here, or check out our line of available ATMs that can be delivered and installed at your business here.

Our sales team in NJ is ready to help you find the perfect ATM to meet your business needs and revenue goals. If you are ready to buy or lease an ATM in NJ, or just want to learn more, then contact us today!