Custom ATM Advertisement In Asbury Park

ATM’s experience a ton of extremely diverse visitors each day, because everyone needs to access an ATM at some point. There is no better place to advertise your business than an ATM if you are looking to reach a large and diverse audience. This unique space to advertise your business can be utilized in a variety of ways including via receipts, toppers, on screen advertisements, and decals on the side of the ATM.

A receipt advertisement is effective because anyone that receives a receipt after their transaction will see your advertisement printed at the bottom.

Toppers are signage on top of the ATM that can be customized to attract more business. This is beneficial to you because anyone looking for an ATM will be drawn to your logo or advertisement topping the ATM, grabbing their attention and increasing your business.

On-screen advertisements are another popular advertising option. An on-screen advertisement means that your ad or logo will be on the screen before any transaction is made. People will have to exit out of your ad to begin their transaction, meaning they will have to give it some attention. This is a great and creative way to market your business in a place that many people will give it attention.

The last custom advertisement option is side decals. This option will place your company’s advertisement or logo on the side of the ATM. This is a great way to not only reach customers of the ATM, but also people just walking by.

If this advertising opportunity seems like the right fit for your business, then call and speak to one of our technicians today about maximizing your business exposure via Maritech ATM Advertising!!