Genmega GT3000 Series

Maritech is pleased to offer the GT3000 Series by Genmega to our valued clients. This ATM is ideal for business owners with small locations: gas stations, small cafes, small restaurants, kiosks, outdoor locations and mini markets. Why is it perfect for small locations? The Genmega GT3000 Series is a “through the wall” ATM. This means that it is installed to fit inside a wall so that it’s flush with the wall and rest of the room, saving you valuable space in your location.

The Genmega GT3000 Series ATM is economical and offers a high resolution 7 inch wide LCD screen.  It is equipped with a 2 inch receipt printer and a fixed cassette or rear load removable cassette dispenser. For safety and added security, a rear service panel is available for loading and maintenance to the machine. With the affordability and convenient size of the Genmega GT3000 Series ATM, you can’t go wrong with this investment.

What are the benefits of owning an ATM machine?

Whether you are buying or leasing the Genmega GT3000 ATM from Maritech, an ATM is a great benefit to any business. Here are the top advantages of having an ATM in your place of business:

  • Extra income: When you purchase or lease an ATM from Maritech, including the Genmega GT3000, you set and keep 100% of the surcharge money. This means that if you set the surcharge at $2.00 per ATM transaction, your business will keep 100% of that money! Customers of Maritech often tell us that they were able to pay off their ATM completely in just a few months with surcharge profits alone.
  • More business: ATMs tend to bring in extra foot traffic to your place of business. People passing by your place of business might stop in just because of your ATM, increasing your chances of them spending additional cash at your business.
  • Cash is king: Nothing is better for business than cash. If you own a business, you know how costly credit card transactions can get. When your customers are paying to use your ATM, they are more likely to use the cash than their credit card, so you can keep more money in your pocket.

Your machine will be secure with the standard UL291 Business Hours Vault Dial or Electronic Lock. The Genmega GT3000 Series by Maritech also offers convenient voice and lighted transaction guidance, and accessible keypad layout. As with all of the ATM’s offered by Maritech, the GT3000 Series is ADA approved.

Dimensions and requirements:

  • Height = 35.8”
  • Width = 15”
  • Depth = 30”
  • Weight = 182 lbs.
  • Power: 110/220 VAC ±10%, 50/60 Hz, 145 Watts


If you are interested in making money, providing a useful service to your customers, and gaining new customers, then give Maritech a call or email today! Our experts will answer any questions you have about the Genmega GT3000 Series ATM or any of our other machines available. From everyone at Maritech, we look forward to helping you pick out the perfect ATM to meet your needs.