Mobile ATM and Seasonal Placement

Do you own a business that only operates seasonally? Or do you need an ATM for a short-term event or charity? Lucky for you, Maritech ATM offers mobile and seasonal ATM placement.

Mobile and seasonal placement is popular among ice cream parlors open only in the summer, Christmas tree shops, outdoor concerts, fairs, trade shows, and charity events. We are able to offer this service through our network of sub-distributors and partners to offer exceptional seasonal placement.

Here is an exciting statistic: over a whopping 80% of cash dispersed from ATM’s at an event is spent at that event. That means that the money dispersed by your ATM is coming right back at you! This is great for increasing the profitability of your event. Without an ATM, you risk a decrease in spending and turning away customers who have money to spend- just not cash. Mobile ATM’s guarantee no money will be lost and that you experience maximum profits.

If you are interested in having a mobile ATM at your event, call Maritech ATM. We will set everything up for you so that you can focus on your event, we will take care of everything else.